Our Story

Lewis Collins, our CEO, was working on spore trapping as part of his microbiology studies when he thought:

“Why is it so challenging to analyse airborne disease? By the time you’ve received the data, it’s already too late to avoid an outbreak”.

BioScout's CEO, Lewis Collins, talking at EvokeAg in Melbourne about BioScout's journey to revolutionise agricultural disease management


With his mechatronic engineering cap on, Lewis had a vision of automating the process so that growers could get a real-time understanding of the minuscule pathogens in their environment.

BioScout unit in a vineyard

Meet the Team

  • Lewis Collins


  • Henry Brindle

    VP of Engineering

  • Dr. Michelle Demers

    Head of science

  • Dr. Wajira Galhena

    Plant Pathologist

  • Helena Souza


  • Karla Gartshore

    Business Development Lead

  • Antonio Herrera

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Nicholas Lillywhite

    Head of Data, AI, & Machine Learning

  • Harry Collins

    Software Developer

  • Nicol Mouton

    Software Developer

  • Carolina Riddick

    Software Developer

  • Ben Goodwin

    Production & Field Engineer

  • Sebastien Higgs

    Mechatronics Engineer

  • Syed Emaad Rizwan

    R&D Engineer

  • Gina Deng

    Office Admin

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This vision has expanded to an overarching passion for improving global food security and creating a world safe from airborne pathogens.

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