Automated Agricultural Disease Detection

Take the guessing game out of your disease management with our game-changing solution for growers.

Try our revolutionary new technology and change the way you manage disease

The First and Only Technology of its Kind

Track Disease Anywhere
Receive Immediate Warning
Improve your bottom line
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the smarter approach to disease management

How Does It Work?

Why wait for disease to show in your crops? Let us take a weight off your shoulders and help prevent disease by detecting it before it’s even visible.

The BioScout process
See how you can use our innovative technology to revolutionise the way our world deals with disease
Innovative tech CHANGING the way we farm, forever

The BioScout Revolution

Huge savings in time and money
Reliable results you can count on
Track disease in any location
Receive immediate warning and instant feedback
Innovative, maximum effectiveness on fungicide use
Respond instantly to prevent disease before it strikes
Boost your sustainability practices
Reduce preventative sprays
Save time and spend your energy where it counts
Enjoy a newfound peace of mind
The results speak for themselves


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